In counselling, I won’t tell you what to do.  I believe that nobody knows what is best for you more than you do, but that we can become clouded, stuck or lost when we are experiencing the distress and strains of our issues.

What I will offer you is a warm, non-judgemental and safe environment for you to explore and find your way forward in a way that is beneficial for you.  You will find me open, “down to earth” and jargon free. 

I work from an Integrative Counselling model meaning I combine more than one therapy approach. 

The core of my work is ‘Person Centred Therapy’ which creates a trusting relationship allowing you to be free to explore your issues without judgement.  This is what makes this therapy so successful.  The therapeutic person-centred relationship is like no other.  There is no judgement, advice or “head-shaking” when divulging.  Just a genuine desire to understand you as a person and what is going on for you.

I also use ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ (CBT) and this can be particularly helpful in challenging and changing the way we think and behave.   CBT looks at how we think about a situation and how this affects the way we act on it. 

My experience in Trauma therapy can offer you an insight into how your traumatic experiences effect you in the here and now and give you the opportunity to work on the process of moving forward without the trauma negatively affecting your life.

I am a firm believer that an important part of this process is the relationship between you and I.  For my part, I will commit to being open, honest, supportive and to bring anything I can offer, during what can be both a challenging and enlightening process.  For you, I hope you find a connection that will help you to move forward in life as you wish to.

As a registered member of the BACP I am committed to working within their ethical framework.


  • Foundation degree in Counselling.      
  • FdSc, MBACP